What to do When you Have a Vehicle Recall

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How do I find out if I have a recall on my truck?

Do you need to check to find out if your vehicle has a manufacturer recall?


So the news or a blog that you follow announced a large number of recalls for the your Ram Truck,

and you need to figure out if your truck is one recalled.


First of all, don’t stress it, the media sources tend to make a big deal out of a manufacturer recall, but no worries.


if you have a reacll on your truck this is what to do


There are a couple different types of recall categories, safety recalls and campaigns.

Safety recalls are inclusive of a safety and operational concern on the occupants,


which most manufacturers make utmost priority.


Campaigns are another category of a recall and they are not a safety concern

but either an  emissions recall  or a customer satisfaction notification.


To find out if your specific Dodge or Ram Truck has a recall that needs to be taken care of,

have something with the Vehicle Identification Number handy (VIN).

You can find the VIN on the side of the driver’s side door panel, beneath the windshield on

the driver’s side (where the dash meets the glass), on your Registration, or your insurance card. Whichever you have handy.


The easiest way to find out if you have a recall from he manufacturer on your own time is to take the VIN info,

and go to the RAM Trucks Recall Information page on the RamTrucks website, and you can then enter your VIN

in a search field to see if your vehicle has been affected.


You may ask, ‘Yea great, but where can find my VIN? or ‘do I have my VIN somewhere other than in my car”….

Your VIN is located on the interior driver’s side where the windshield meets the dash, as well as on the inside of the door.


And if you knew that, but want to know if you can find your VIN another place other than yout car,

you can find it on any of your truck paperwork including your registration and insurance card.

HINT: you might have these online or on an app on your phone!


MOST importantly, keep your VIN handy in the event that you indeed do discover that you have an open recall

on your truck for when you call the dealership.

They will need that info to get the “op code” for the appointment. (In our experience anyways). and boom.


What are your experiences with truck ownership as far as having open recalls?

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